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In the game with Bournemouth, Mexican striker Raul Jimenez helped the Wolves to take the initiative to master the game with a smart running position, and finally helped the Wolves to usher in the Premier League’s first three-game winning streak! So far this season, the Wolves have scored 19 goals, and Jimenez contributed 5 goals and 4 assists. Nearly half of the goals are related to him. It can be said that the performance is excellent! After the game, Jimenez was interviewed and said that he was not surprised by the current hot state of the Wolves:

About that goal

“We scored mostly in the second half this season, and we scored in the first half, so for us, we are all eager to score the pace of the game in the first half. This is very important. I saw that goal. If the foot of the tower looks like a shot, I ran to that position and got the best time to score.”

About the Wolves are currently ranked seventh in the Premier League

“We are very happy that the Wolves are a great team. We can compete in the Premier League and get good grades. Maybe we can go further. I am not surprised by the hot state of the Wolves, because we have paid a lot. Since the season Since the beginning, we have been committed to maintaining the style and football philosophy of the Wolves. I also believe that the Wolves can still do better.”

About the weather

“It’s too cold here, but I want to win all the home games. If we can keep the state, the weather is not important. I heard about the weather here and I know that Wolverhampton will be very cold. Many times there will be sub-zero weather, but we can deal with it. I hope that the Wolves can continue to win all the matches, it doesn’t matter if the weather is cold.”

About the game against Liverpool on Friday

“That will be a great game. We know it will be very difficult because they are one of the best teams in the Premier League, but we can compete with them, and there are many good players in the Wolves.”

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