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Roberto Live broadcast February 10th According to the “Aspen” report, in the 23rd round of La Liga, after a fierce competition in the field, Barcelona defeated Royal Betis 3-2 away. After the match, Betis Vice Chairman Lopez Catalan angered the referee Sanchez Martinez, who believed that the referee’s law enforcement was against Betis, which was an unfair game.

“The penalty kick in the 4th minute of the game (Langley was awarded a penalty for a handball in the penalty area) is very obvious, and it is not even necessary to watch VAR to make a correction. However, Roberto’s foul against Alenia was an obvious yellow card. . Roberto should have received his second yellow card in the field, but the referees forgave him. ”

In addition, Lopez believes that Betis has been targeted by the referee more than once, including a penalty that was previously missed in the face of Herta. “We are really annoyed. Throughout La Liga we always suffer from such mistakes and have no rights at all. It is a shame that clubs like Betis are treated this way. La Liga’s mechanism is not working properly and we Such issues will be complained to the Spanish Football Association and the referee committee. ”

“I just asked to talk to the referee, and I hope he explained it to me because the video assistant referee had three to four minutes to watch the replay of that action.” In fact, the request of Vice Chairman Betis did not get the referee Respond.

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