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WELLSPORTS  NEWS: In the fourth round of the Champions League group match, Inter Milan played against Barcelona. At the end of the game, Malcolm, who just came off the bench, broke the deadlock, but Icardi quickly equalized the score, and the two sides each scored one point. After the current round, the two teams continued to rank in the top two of the group. Barcelona has already qualified in the lead because of the superior relationship with Inter Milan. Inter Milan needs to fight in the next round of Tottenham. 

In the first half of the game, Inter Milan lost too much possession. Barcelona completely dominated the game. Spalletti dragged the second half into the offensive situation and finally got a draw. Although the spirit of not giving up at a time is worth encouraging, it is also necessary to face up to the gap between Inter Milan and the top teams that have just returned to the Champions League.

Barcelona’s starter and the first round of the two sides only made a change, that is, Dembele returned to the main force, replacing the last right winger Rafinha. Inter Milan made four adjustments to the lineup. Nain Golan, Devray, Felsalico and Politano replaced Valero, Miranda, Damo Rossio and Candreva. The position of Inter Milan with the strongest lineup.

Inter Milan has rotated five major players in the league last weekend, plus home games, so there is a certain advantage in physical fitness; while Barcelona is playing the same two leagues with the same starting lineup, the physical consumption is relatively larger .

[Inter Milan is forced to lose one person, Alba is responsible for the ball mission]

Like the first round, Inter Milan took the tactics that were forced before the start. In the first round, Inter Milan’s pre-competition tactics were relatively successful, but due to Barrero’s physical problems, the high-intensity frontcourt forced to press back only after more than ten minutes. The game Nain Golan returned to the starting lineup. Inter Milan’s running and confrontation ability in the frontcourt has improved, but it also lasted only ten minutes of frontcourt oppression. What are the reasons?

he first minute of the opening, Inter Milan’s front left left route Perisic and Nain Golan dominated the press, forcing the opponent to pass the ball out of bounds

But in the frontcourt, Inter Milan can’t force Barcelona’s ball.

Inter Milan chased the goalkeeper, Alba took the ball and successfully made the ball

is also Alba, unmarked and successfully made a counterattack

13 minutes, Ikardi did not dare to keep up with the teammates when they grabbed, or Alba’s shot broke the frontcourt of Inter Milan

As long as the front field can be surrounded by the left side, and Barcelona will not be allowed to transfer the ball to the side of Alba, Inter Milan’s frontcourt will be successful.

20 minutes later, when Barcelona took the ball on this side, Inter Milan has not dared to press to grab

Although it is difficult for the high-level force to continue to play the game, Inter Milan has used the high-level tactics for more than 60 minutes, including the Champions League against Tottenham. Why can’t I stop Barcelona for only ten minutes? The last time I could say that it was Barilo’s physical reason. Why again?

Although Nain Golan had just recovered from injury, his physical condition did not return to its best condition. However, in every frontcourt rush, he firmly followed Barcelona’s midfielder Busquets, so that he did not have the opportunity to catch the ball. From the above picture, we can see that when Barcelona was in the frontcourt of Inter Milan, the midfielder Busquets could hardly meet the transition. As a connecting hub in the backcourt, Busquets touched the game. The number of balls is much lower than that of Rakitic and Alba. When Nain Golan was on the court, Busquets even had fewer touches than Coutinho, only four times more than the winger Dembele. In the half hour after Nain Golan’s end, Busquets’s number of touches and passing times immediately rose back to the first place and returned to normal.

This shows that Nain Golan’s restrictions on Busquets are very successful, so why can’t they press Barcelona? The key is the investment in the frontcourt.

Inter Milan’s frontcourt is often launched by the left, Pericic grabs Robetto, Icardi grabs Pique, right wing Politano accepts to grab Langley, and three midfielders Nain Golan Brozovic, Besino just match each other’s Busquets, Rakitic and Artur, so left-back Alba is unmarked and can catch the ball smoothly. Barcelona’s horizontal shift in the backcourt is very fast. When shifting from the right to the left, Inter Milan’s overall forced formation will take time, which gives Alba plenty of time and space to play.

So the scenes in the above picture appeared many times. All the opponents on the left side of the front field were stared to death. After the opponent turned to the right, Politano fell into a situation of grabbing two, and went to grab Langley, Al. Ba was unmarked, and Bessino let go of Artur and was ready to grab Alba. It was too late for Alba to pass to Artur or Coutinho with ease. Inter Milan’s four defenders, due to the powerful power of the opponent’s striker Trident, feared to be countered by the opponent, and did not dare to press the team in the frontcourt, so Inter Milan’s frontcourt is always in the same position. State, it is difficult to grab the ball.

Of course, the frontcourt tactics are difficult to achieve the same number of people, most of the time are less to grab more, need to make up for the running of the frontcourt players. However, Barcelona’s skillful coordination and rapid transfer of the ball, infinitely magnified the disadvantages of Inter Milan’s people, so that Inter Milan’s frontcourt forced the effort to squander a lot of effort, forcing Inter Milan to significantly reduce the number of frontcourt rushes after 10 minutes. After 20 minutes, there is basically no further forecourt.

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