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Beijing, March 16th News Russia has created a special airport for the World Cup. The airport is called Platov. It is reported that the airport under the supervision of the Twelve Architects has been completed recently. The building is rectangular in shape, with multiple 16×16-meter grids that are easily adapted to future expansion and are enlarged by adding side walls and roof panels. The 8-metre-wide glass sunroof in the center of the building marks the boundary between the international flight area and the domestic flight area.

It replaced the previous airport in the city that was not suitable for further expansion. As one of the host cities for this year’s Football World Cup, Rostov hopes to welcome thousands of tourists during the event. The 50,000-square-meter new terminal building created the landmarks required for the initial competition project. It is composed of nine 16-meter-wide arches.

It is also a passenger terminal. The first phase of airport development includes a 3,700-meter runway, multi-storey car parks, control towers, maintenance, repair and overhaul hangars, office buildings and hotel projects, and related infrastructure. The new transport hub also includes the future high-speed rail station as part of the expansion plan for the Russian railway network.

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